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I keep getting these emails starting with “My Husband Cheated On Me… What can I Do?”…
It is nice to have someone beside you through thick and thin, to have and behold, to be with you till death do you part. Having a husband to depend on when times get rough for you. But what if that same person you thought will never hurt you cheated on you? What would you do?
Let’s Deal with the complaint “My Husband Cheated on me“…

What Do You Mean By “My Husband Cheated On Me”?

What Do You Mean By “My Husband Cheated On Me“?
What is cheating?
Cheating has a lot of meaning, when you go online and try to search the meaning of the word, a lot of definition will come up like: to deceive, to mislead, to elude, to violate rules or even sexually unfaithful. Now even with all those definition of what cheating means, in a marriage it only means something, hurting the other person in the relationship by destroying the trust and respect for both of you.

My Husband Cheated On Me

What Can I Do If My  Husband Cheated On Me?

Now before you assume anything and cry your eyes out make sure to get all the information and facts before you talk to him. Try to make sure you’re not only saying My  Husband Cheated On Me.
How will you know if your husband is cheating on you?
Did you catch him in the act?
Before assuming that your husband is indeed cheating on you, before accusing or breaking up, try making sure you’re not just saying My  Husband Cheated On Me.
Get the facts, check his habits. Did his routine changed? Is he being secretive than usual? Is he asking for privacy? Does his attention withered? If you cannot catch him in the act, try to trust your gut feeling. If you feel that your husband is indeed cheating on you. Try to talk to him about it. I would like to emphasize “talk” not confront him. The two are very different. Talked to him about the feelings or the thought that you are having, share the load. Communication is very important. If he told you that he indeed cheated on you, the next question is why? It is very important to know the reason behind it because I believed in the cause and effect. I am not saying that it is your fault. What I am trying to let you understand is that a person will not look for something that he has already. There is something that he is looking for or missing from you that led him to look somewhere else.

This is very important. Even if you know as a fact that My  Husband Cheated On Me, it all still depends on how you perceived his answer. I know that cheating is a marital crime but sometimes a marriage is worth saving and if it still can be saved, save it. Try to get space if needed, to think about it. You don’t need to make the decision right then and there. After all you made a decision to marry the man. Isn’t it worth thinking over? Especially if there are children involved. After he has given his reason, try to make him understand where you are coming from. Try to make him understand the feeling that you are feeling if the situation is reversed.

If talking is still not helpful, try to get professional help, attend marriage counseling. Tell you relationship counselor I think My  Husband Cheated On Me.
After all we are only humans. Yes, we make mistakes and from those mistakes we learn from it. After all you made a promise to love and forgive, to love and behold till death to you part.

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