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Dealing with ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do, but it is something that people have been doing since the beginning of the species. Even though it is always a difficult thing to do, you can benefit from those who have gone before you. You don’t have to navigate all of the negative feelings and heartbreak on your own while ending A Relationship; instead, you can follow the proven methods that others have used in the past.

How To Deal With Ending A Relationship

While thinking of ending a relationship, the past is a good place to start. What that  means is that you need to separate the past from present, and the present from the future. The more you can live in the here and now, the better you will be at dealing with the ending of a relationship. Now, that does not mean you should forget the past or ignore the future, because doing that would be foolish. Your goal is not to pretend that the relationship never happened, but rather to realize that the present is the most important. When your mind is in the present, you have better perspective and will have an easier time coping with a breakup.

Before ending a relationship you also need to consider the practical aspects of a relationship that’s coming to a close. If you have children, then you will need to work out custody arrangements. If there are any bills the two of you have in common, then you will need to sort those out as well. Property is another thing that will have to be divided.
This process can be very difficult, but do your best to approach it in a logical manner and you will be able to get through it. This is all about tying up the loose ends that tend to dangle after breaking up, because it gives you a clean slate from which to move forward from.

If you find that you are emotionally troubled while ending a relationship, and just can’t seem to get better, then seek help from a professional. This can be a psychiatrist, a therapist, a counselor, or a member of the clergy; just having somebody to talk to can work wonders. Some people are embarrassed, or think a counselor will look down on them, but that’s not the case. They will be able to give you advice based on your specific situation. Another way to get help is through books that deal with the topic. You can find some excellent titles at your library or online.


Ending A Relationship Or Getting Back Together?

There is one other thing to consider, and that is the possibility of getting back together. What you may not know is that the vast majority of relationships can be saved if there is a commitment to making it happen. It won’t be easy. There will be an investment of time, emotions and effort, but it can be done. Starting over may not be the obvious solution, but it is another possible way of dealing with ending a relationship.

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  1. Joe N on February 9, 2012

    Thanks for the advice. I actually managed to create a new relationship with my ex girlfriend – no need to search elsewhere.


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